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"Tiny" & Ethan spend most of their free time at Boo's Tavern in the working-class community of Downs Moor. Boo's co-owner (along with bar namesake Boo) is a know-it-all loudmouth named Gus "Hitch" Bigwood. Hitch has a noticeable limp due to a forklift accident, which got him a massive settlement, a part of which he spent on an antique automobile. Ethan and Tiny get laid off from the factory and are now desperate. Meanwhile, Hitch and Terry Edwards (the town's ineffectual sheriff) have hatched a scheme to "fake-steal" Hitch's antique automobile and collect the trumped-up insurance payoff. Ethan and Tiny are tipped off to the caper, and join in. The foolproof plan is set in motion by the four men...who reveal the plan to be anything but foolproof.  

"A gut-busting comedy with no-nonsense doses of heart … elements of the Coen Brothers' twisted sense of truth mingle with the laidback lunacy of Mayberry." "The play hums with the kind of quirky, blue-collar, sports-loving bravado that made Bleacher Bums a Chicago classic." -Chicago Tribune 

"It's a beer lover's play. The dive-bar setting is stocked with bad haircuts, Ditka accents and a jukebox full of Def Leppard's finest, making even the primmest teetotaler crave a cold brew." -Chicago Sun-Times

November 15th - 24th

Fri-Sat 7:30pm & Sunday 2pm

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The Black Box Theatre 2020 Season...



The Black Box Theatre is excited to announce their upcoming 2020 season!! We couldn't do it without your support and would like to say thank you to all our actors, donors, volunteers and patrons for supporting our small but feisty venue! THANK YOU! We hope you are as excited as we are as we enter our 4th season in Downtown Moline!! Can you believe it 4th year!! =o)

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